Please read carefully before you begin


To turn on LED light: Take off the battery cover on the back of the LED light and remove the plastic strip between the two batteries. Reinsert the batteries and put the battery cover back on.


1. Boil the kettle. Wait one minute and pour the hot water into a heat safe bowl. Hold the upper tray by the tab and submerge tray into the water for 3-5 seconds until the tray becomes soft. IMPORTANT: Immediately remove tray if it begins to wilt. Remove the tray from the hot water, place tray into your mouth covering over your upper teeth. Close your mouth, suck out air and gently bite down.

2. Use your fingers to firmly press the tray against the front of your teeth at the same time pressing your tongue against the back of the tray. This will ensure the tray is perfectly moulded to your teeth. Wait 10-15 seconds before removing the tray. Place tray into cold water for 10 seconds to set. Remove tab and the tray is ready to use.

3. Repeat this process with your lower tray. You will only need to conduct the moulding procedure once, the shape is retained permanently.


4. If the moulded tray covers gums, trim to correct height.

Using small scissors carefully trim any excess from the tops of the tray at the gum-line. Trimming at gum-line will avoid any possible soft tissue irritation caused by the whitening gel.


One 3ml syringe of clear whitening gel should give you approximately 4-5 applications. Do not over fill tray. We recommend brushing your teeth before each whitening session.

5. Place a small bead of the clear whitening gel (match head size) half way up on the front of each tooth impression in the trays.

6. Place the upper and lower tray into your mouth. If excess whitening gel spills onto your gums wipe away the excess gel with a cotton tip.

7. Turn on the LED light and place under your lips.

8. Leave mouth guard in for 30-45 minutes. For best results sit back and relax to ensure saliva doesn't interfere with the whitening process. We recommend starting at 30 minutes and gradually increasing the amount of time worn.

9. Rinse your mouth with warm water and gently brush teeth.

10. Clean trays with a toothbrush to ensure they're clean for the next treatment. Store in cool, dry place preferably in case provided.

11. Refrain from consuming food or beverages for a minimum of 30 minutes after whitening.

*If you experience pain or sensitivity remove the trays and rinse your mouth with water immediately. Apply the blue desensitisation gel to your teeth/gums and leave for 10- 15 minutes before rinsing. If needed repeat for up to five days after whitening.


Along with aiding sensitivity, the remineralisation properties in the blue desensitisation gel helps to increase the microhardness of your tooth enamel. Key minerals such as fluoride will help seal your results.

12. Apply blue desensitising gel to the front of clean dry trays. Leave for 10-15 minutes, spit out remaining gel - do NOT rinse your mouth following the removal of trays.

13. Refrain from consuming food or beverages for 30 minutes, finally rinse mouth with water.